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first polar bear

8 June 2022

Polar bear sightings are increasing but already this first day there is a sighting reported on the notice board. Kjetil Sagerup made this picture when the bear was on Breøyane. He is eating eggs.

And the next day he came home with a picture of the bear swimming to Sigridholmen. The next day, 9 June, the same polar bear as seen swimming to Sigridholmen

sIghtings of the same bear:
08 June Breøyane
09 June swimming in the fjord
10 June Sigridholmen
11 June Storholmen, visible from town but too far to photograph
12 June 13:30 Sigridholmen
That was the last sighting of this bear but three days later there was a mother with cub on Storholmen. On 16 June, Børge Moe returned from a nest count on Storholmen and he said that all nests of eiders and geese were gone.

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