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dr Frits

16 June 2023

Today, Frits Steenhuisen has successfully defended his thesis and is now Doctor of Philosophy. Frits is working in our team at the Arctic Centre and is a specialist in polution, databases and geographic information systems. He wrote his dissertation entitled Global mercury emissions and distribution, an Arctic perspective.

Frits has been visiting the station several times, working with me, Martine and Gijs.

Pictures by Lex Ligfiets

There were 8 people asking questions to Frits. Three were online and missing on the picture above: Kees Bastmeijer (from Venice) and Maarten Loonen (from Ny-Ă…lesund) both member of the Arctic Centre of the University of Groningen, and Elsie Sunderland from Harvard University. Gijs Breedveld and Richard Bintanja were promotors and Gijs had come from Longyearbyen.

The new doctor with his grand parents.
My discussion with Frits had only 4 minutes.

Esteemed candidate,
Thank you for your thesis. It is a condensed format of all the relevant work you did for the Arctic Monitoring and Assessment Program, the working group of the Arctic Council focusing on pollution. Your expertise has always been in crunching large databases and visualization of geo-information and I am looking forward to continue working with you on remote sensing.
Now going to your thesis. In several locations in your thesis, I read that there are three types of mercury emissions: anthropogenic, legacy and geogenic.
What are legacy and geogenic emissions in the Arctic?
Wildfires are an important source for legacy emissions. Did you hear the news about recent wildfires in Canada and the consequences for New York?
I am wondering if the effect of modelling of legacy mercury would show export of mercury from the Arctic to lower latitudes, creating a kind of opposite effect as you showed in your outreach project of two earths with emission and deposition patterns as shown on page 30 and 45.
The Arctic strikes back.

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