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Nick Cox

2 July 2023

In the NERC station, I saw this picture hanging, showing Nick Cox. Nick has been the veteran of Ny-Ålesund. He came her as skipper for the expeditions of Brian Harland in Svalbard. He was working for the British Antarctic Survey and travelled between Arctic and Antarctic. He has been base manager of Rothera in the Antarctic and station manager of the NERC station since its start in Ny-Ålesund. After a life long of service, he got his pension and last year it was the last visit to his station. During that visit the leaders of the British Antarctic Survey renamed the station commemorating two important Ny-Ålesund Brits: Brian Harland and Nick Cox. At the end of service, Nick even had a mountain in Antarctica named after him. We miss his many stories up here, but have good memories on his stay and wish him a lot of family time in Britain or Ireland.

The picture below was from an earlier post from 2011 with the three recent veterans from Ny-Ålesund. From left to right: Geir Wing Gabrielsen, Nick Cox and Maarten Loonen.

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