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eating eider eggs

30 June 2023

Even well camouflaged and sitting quietly on your nest, you stand no chance against a polar bear, who wants to eat your clutch. You can hear the protest sound of the eider females in the background. Knor, knor. But the polar bear does not care. Even as the eiders poop a stinking substance on the eggs.

The hungry bear is a female. Only females can be fitted with a GPS collar which provides daily positions to the polar bear researchers. Females have a smaller neck than skul. Males have a torpedo shaped head and shoulders. A neck collar will slide off aver their head.

This footage is made for a project of master student Raúl González Guerrero eand scientist Geir Wing Gabrielsen of the Norwegian Polar Institute. They study disturbance on nests, measuring the effect of people (us) and polar bears

This year, on this island, there are no barnacle goose nests predated by this bear. The geese had good luck. They try to defend there clutch a bit more active than the passive eiders, but cannot impossible withstand or chase a polar bear.

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