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glacier front

18 July 2023

For the third time this year, today, we are doing the fjord coastal count for sea birds. We are now near the biggest glacier outlet in the fjord. The distance is still 640 meter, but we will not come closer. It is also impossible to go along the entire glacier front due to ice fields. But there is no running belt of kittiwakes in front of the glacier outlet. This running belt is formed by a crowd of kittiwakes trying to feed on the krill and fish transported to the surface by an outlet of fresh water. They drift away from the glacier in the strong current and fly back to the glacier front. While going along the ice field we discover a bearded seal on an ice flow. Thank you AWIPEV for allowing us this boat ride.

Again this is a 360 degrees video for arctic explorer.nl, bringing an arctic expedition to your class room. You can change the view towards any direction by moving your mouse, telephone or VR-glasses.

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