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20 July 2023

Fieke Rader, stationleader of the AWIPEV station, alerted me on some pictures on sentinel playground, showing the collapse of the northern part of Kronebreen.
During our latest fjord count, the amount of ice in the fjord was so much, that we had to go from Ossian Sars, rounding the southside of the islands and circle Blomstrandhalvøya to to get to the Blomstrandbreen. It was not only a small-ice-field but also quite big chunks. See for yourself in the picures from Sentinnel. We have been lucky with cloud free days. You can see the ice spread through the fjord.

11 July 2023

14 July 2023
15 July 2023
16 July 2023
17 July 2023

Below you can see the track of the boat. On 11 July we could go exactly the desired route. On 18 July, the ice made it impossible.
11 July 2023
18 July 2023

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fieldwork glacier collaps Watering the tundra

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